Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Another try... and another bento!

I tried food blogging a couple of months ago as I enjoy reading and looking at what other people prepare and found there are close to no German vegan blogs- or only hardcore AR ones (nuthin' bad about that, tho).

Then I went to London and my camera died in the palm house of Kew Gardens... for now I'm taking photos with my fancy new mobile which can do everything- but I'm on the lookout for a proper camera. Until then, please ignore my cheezy pics.

Today's lunch at work will be a corn salad stolen from
and some Indian spinach/potatoe curry bake (recipe from vegweb, but I can't find it anymore T_T).
And my love for bento making has awakened from a long sleep... so far I only own one proper Japanese bento, but ordered some today- can't wait for them to arrive!


Mihl said...

Danke für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog und viel Spass mit Deinem neuen!
Du hast vollkommen Recht, was die veganen deutschen Blogs betrifft. Das war auch ein Grund, warum ich meinen auf Englisch mache...und natürlich, weil das einfach mehr Leute verstehen:)

Monika K said...

Darf ich fragen, wie du mein Blog gefunden hast? Ich bin auch neu zu dieser "veggie-Gesellschaft" im Internet. (-:

Seitan Wörshipper said...

Hello! I noticed your message in my blog and coming to visit your blog ;) Thats looks nice, I also love Indian cooking and like excpesially those spinachy things! I had done lots of arts and I think I`m going to post more pictures of my drawings etc. for future(when i have a time to it..). Nice to find another European vegan :) I`m waiting to see more of your cookings!

pavotrouge said...

Über einen Kommentar by "Seitan is my Motor"- hoffe, das sieht jetzt nicht nach stalking aus ;-)