Sunday, 30 September 2007

Bento rave + meetballs

I've been lazy blogging again... I didn't get online very much last week because I had a visitor, and won't be able to blog before Wednesday because I'm leaving for a short trip to London this night.

Anyway, good news are that I finally bought a proper camera which even as a special food mode.
than Hello Kitty and her other friends.
I managed to get a Monokuro bento box set- 4 boxes of which each one fits into the bigger one.

So these are the last mobile cam pictures... I fell in love with Monokuro Boo some months ago. It's a new Sanrio character, but a lot less kitschy.

I also got some glass ("grass") dividers, an onigiri mould (star, heart and bear shape!) and some Hello Kitty sauce cups.

And of course I have been cooking- I made the Meetballs from Cozy inside in any variation possible- they are heaven!

Swedish Meetballs + linguine:


jonimarie said...

your meetballs look yummy. glad you liked them.

Marryth said...

Ooh, I love the Monokuro Boo set! :)