Thursday, 22 November 2007

Beige food

Why do most comfort foods tend to be beige?
Maybe it is because many of them contain a lot of carbs, and carbs are anti-depressant (honestly- depressed people often crave carbs!). Carbs make you happy.

This week has been very hectic and tiring again, so yesterday, I came home, made a nice beige v-con dinner, watched Desperate Housewives (guilty pleasures!) and went to bed.

Beige dinner features chickpea cutlets, mushroom gravy and bulgur wheat.
I'm sorry for the dark pictures I upload... I'm usually out of the house for 10-12 hrs a day at least, so I leave before there is any sunlight and come back after dawn.

1 comment:

Bryan Roberts said...

ooh mushroom gravy. sounds yummers

I really have to get that book. even if just to get the recipe for those damn cutlets!