Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Winter Breakfast

I've never really understood the concept of a hearty breakfast until I become vegan. In Germany, a "hearty" breakfast usually consists of bread rolls, cold cuts, cheese and maybe, if they feel decadent, a boiled or scrambled eggs. In short, things I have been hating for as long as I can remember, even when I was omni.

So I kept on munching toast with jam, chocolate spread, an occasional fruit and my beloved muesli. Porridge in my British phases (=spending too much time with English people or being in England, what happens quite often).

Then came veganism and with veganism came employment plus a part-time job and commuting which means I'm out of the house for at least 10-12 hours a day.
Although it has become a lot better with bento love, I used to be scared of packed lunches and feel very uneasy to eat in company of people whose company I didn't choose (aka coworkers, class"mates" and the like).

Yes, I'm scared of packed lunch or eating at school or work and here's why: when I started school as an six year old, I had a fanatic vegan (!) teacher. He also was one of those hardcore-catholics and also thought beating kids up was a good method (this was 1993, folks).
Whenever your lunch contained something unvegan, he would turn up his nose and explain to you why what your eating is bad and insulting to all of mankind, animals and, above all, jesus (right. Jesus HATES salami!).
Nothing bad about telling things like that (apart from god and his son)- to grown ups.
It's great to explain the concepts of veganism to kids, but he completely messed it up.

But this guy made me have a sort of eating disorder for at least nine years when it came to breakfast and lunch outside my momma's kitchen.
Now you know my darkest food secret.

Be prepared to see my huge-ass breakfast consisting of v-cons chickpea cutlets, the homefries, some cucumber and tomato and yep, that's ketchup.


Bryan Roberts said...

Wow. Those cutlets look great.

I have got to get me that book.

urban vegan said...

I love the cutlets....

Your teacher sounds wacked--except forr the vegan part.