Saturday, 1 November 2008

November Rain

Happy World Vegan Day to all of you!

This also means the MoFo is over... and I'm relieved. Honestly, I still don't understand how people manage to blog, cook, bake, shop and be an AR activist and still have a life... I can't. I'm happy if I find the time to check my private e-mail every other day. I'd love to do more for the vegan cause but I just can't spare the time.

I won't be doing much today since it's the only day and I've been to busy lately to arrange for a meetup or something :(
I had so many great plans for Halloween but work got in my way... which leads me to thinking... (yes, I should start a vegan foodie philosophy blog)-

Still, we had a neat little Halloween party, featuring too many Jamie Oliver recipes and the fact that Halloween is originally an Irish custom (when I asked people about Halloween, they'd often answer "We don't need to adapt all that American shit, do we?"). No pictures sadly, I had to revive my camera this morning (it sounded like a duck when I tried to start it!).

Anyway, recent eats:

very blurry tom yum soup! We're on winter time here again which means it's still almost dark when I get out of the house and I don't return home before it's dark again, so I'm back in my vampire vegan mood with horrible pictures. Sorry!

Fried tofu, broccoli and brown rice with homemade sweet/sour sauce.

More rice and curried veggies made with *gasp* a jarred organic curry sauce. When I buy convenience food, it's usually the only in the house that's not organic- turned out to be a big mistake. This sauce cost 2 € (would make 4-5 servings) and is divine! I didn't add any seasonings, and usually I use a lot of extra chili, ginger, garlic and soy sauce on anything.

And the only pretty bento I made this week. I'm not sure why, but all my other lunches this week looked like butt, not due to bento-making-skill or no time, but because of the nature of the dishes (curried/lentils and so on), so I didn't take any pictures. I swear they still were yum and nutritionally balanced :)
Pretty bento has mini knödel/German dumplings (not gnocci!), raw tomato sauce, 2 falafel-sort of balls and steamed peas, green beans, broccoli and brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar.


VeggieGirl said...

Happy World Vegan Day!! Love all the food :0)

Anonymous said...

Super cute bento! I agree I cannot blog everyday and make food - I'd go nuts!

Alice (in Veganland) said...

Vampire vegan mode? haha, I totally feel you, it's starting to get dark so soon! And all my pictures look even worse now because of the lighting. I'm also a bit relieved that VeganMoFo is over, I totally failed with only 8 posts. But hey! life goes first, doesn't it? I still admire how you manage to cook so much during the week anyway, sometimes my dinner is so lame I wouldn't even tell anyone about it...

sharon said...

Wow, definitely all great eats! Love the bento!

Miu said...

nice food pic! amazing.. never thought vegans would have such nice food! i see u like asian cooking as well, they look yummy.

I think u'll get your package soon from me. I choose vegan snacks for u, and some vegetarian snacks n some gluten free, milk free n make sure there's no egg/milk inside.

Hope u're ok n get back to swappin :)