Sunday, 11 January 2009

"Toast" by Nigel Slater

Toast Toast by Nigel Slater

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I guess I love British celebrity chefs so much because I don't have to watch them on TV.

I hate all the German famous cooks because they're everywhere in the media around me, whereas somebody who only exist on the internet and in cookbooks can't get on your nerves.

So I had never really heard of Nigel Slater until about a week ago when I picked up one of his cookbooks in the library.

Even though it was a translated copy, I instantly fell in love with both his style of cooking (no-fuss, easy "recipes" that are more like broad guidelines) and writing. Plus, there are rumours he's gay.

Then I found out he's written a foodie biography of his childhood and that it was super cheap on Amazon. My copy arrived on Tuesday and I read "Toast" on Wednesday night in one sitting.

It's a journey through the Midlands of the 1960 and 70s and all the class-awareness thing that's so significant of the English. It's about traditional English food, both bad and good.

Instead of chapters, there are short stories that Slater connects with certain foods. Somehow, the jigsaw comes together to make a proper story. #

A very different yet classical coming of age story centered around food- all I could've asked for on a freezing weekday night!

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