Thursday, 25 March 2010

Nights out in Zürich and... even more lake pictures

So, Zürich. I have to admit, the German-speaking part of Switzerland was not as charming to me as the francophone part. It's pretty much like Germany, only tidier, more boring, with most people being pretty conservative and more mountains. Plus, I understand people less than the French speaking population, although they are technically speaking my mother tongue. Swiss German is weird as hell, but very charming. Not quite in the way of an extremely drunk Scot or Irishman trying to talk, though.

Luckily, I had an amazing host who went out of her way to show me the city. While I was still not too impressed with the place (the city with the busiest nightlife in the country, and on Friday night 11pm, there's nobody on the street? come on, has the big smoke spoilt me that much?), Sabine and I had an awesome time talking about veganism and India (she is yoga teacher and studies Indian culture and Hindi), especially in how it's affected Britain and vice versa.

She also insisted to invite me for dinner at Samses , a very classy but charming vegetarian restaurant. I had tofu 'chicken' with creamy white wine sauce and tagliatelle, and it was both the best tofu (firm! full of flavour!) and white sauce I have ever had. They had vegan tiramisu, too, but I was too full after the pasta to eat any dessert. Sabine had a delish Thai curry, but people started staring at me for taking pictures so I didn't dare lean over (when in Rome...).

I have also heard that Hiltl is very good, but I didn't make it there - neither did I make it to any of the vegan brunch/FNB style dinner parties that regularly take place in the city, or to Tibits, but that would have been silly since there's one in London, too.
If you ever go, google around. Zürich has a big alternative scene but somehow it's well hidden.

Finally, some pics from our boat trip around the Zürich Lake. Boats and ferries are included in season tickets, and in Switzerland, you can get a season ticket for every bus/train/etc for around for a whole year for around £2000! Anyway, it was very very pretty but also freezing. I've seen plenty of lakes and mountains for this year.

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