Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Portugal and baklava

... I know, how do these go together?

Well, it felt almost like spring when I went for a weekend trip to Porto in north Portugal with some awesome people. We were drinking beer at the Atlantic coast at 18°C and sunshine. I want to see more of this beautiful country!

Right now, it's the first time in 2 years that I don't have a trip planned ahead of me, as it's job hunting time. We will see where that leads me.

As a nod to my culinarily less exciting trip to Turkey, I had to try the Baklava recipe from The Urban Vegans' new book. Now you might know that I don't really have a sweet tooth and pretty baked items never look pretty when I make them... and I tried anyway, here's the result:

I know, not pretty, and I felt like I had too few (or too small) filo sheets - do they come in a normed-size package in the US that I don't know of? At least they were delicious :)

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Amanda said...

Ooh I LOVE baklava!! They don't look too bad to me! If only technology was advanced enough for me to pick one off the screen and try it ...