Sunday, 3 April 2011

Long time no bento

Brilliant, as our internet at home is gone for a bit, I got myself this fancy phone that has the internets and all. I can use it as a modem for my laptop but for some reason Blogger is blocked. However, it has a Blogger app. Silly. Anyway, I made a decent bento the other day, with my new addiction, kimchi fried rice, carrot kinpira and mizuna salad. What is your favourite way to eat kimchi?


artzyfartzy said...

ohh kimchi fried rice! I have to google this. I tried kimchi a few times and quickly got tired of it plain because its flavor was just too much. I never thought of adding it to a recipe, etc. & its so good for you I've been wanting to add it back into my diet.

Anonymous said...

Kimchi-miso soup beats chicken noodle hands down in the battling colds department. I also like it mixed in with ramen.