Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Eating Out 3

Last Saturday there was a city/musical festival thingy in Essen (a city with half a million inhabitants about 20 kms from mine. If you write "essen" without the capital E, it means "eating" in German. Yay!).

The festival was pretty boring, but I had some great soy meatballs in curry sauce (probably TVP-based) with rice. A giant serving, just right for me!

Then we also discovered the hugeste Alternative clothing store I've seen in Germany so far.
I couldn't spend any money because we went to the huge Basic health food store before where I eventually bought gomasio and too many variations of vegan soy desserts!

We also found out that there will be a huge Diwali-like Indian festival in Stuttgart in November, so I decided I'll be visiting my ex in South Germany for a couple of days then.

I also made a huge online book and bento supply order that night. I was surprised to find all the books except for one in the mail today (included a vegan Thai cookbook, a book featuring only tomato recipes and one with exotic fruit- worth buying it for the photos alone!).

Unphotogenic curry, darn you!


urban vegan said...

How fun to go to a festival and find some vegan treats!

Johan said...

Im interested in that giant alternative clothing store, do you remeber the name and addres? Do you know if it has any homepage? I´m intreseted becouse im going to essen next week, for a big game exhibition, and it sonds like a greate store!