Monday, 20 August 2007

Eating out 2

The Saturday after the fair, I went to an Ancient Roman "theme park/museum" kinda thing in Xanten. It's close to the place I grew up- in the middle of nowhere, no vegan options.

The weather was great, I enjoyed the place (they rebuilt a Roman city in the place it actually were 2000 years ago!).
Afterwards we went into the old city centre (very medieval!). They even had a health food stor inside an old mill!

That's why I jumped into sattgrĆ¼n
to buy a sandwich, taboulleh, a veggie pepperoni and some bottled herbal tea.

The taboulleh hat couscous, tomatoes, lots of fresh herbs, pickled zucchini and lentils.

Sammich was ciabatta with roasted bell pepper, tomato, lettuce and olives with tapenade. Yum!

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