Sunday, 19 August 2007

Eating out

Ok, I've seen to many strange gay movies lately. However, this is not an excuse for not blogging.

The excuse is: a lot of work, a nasty stomach bug that wouldn't go away for 2 weeks and blogger not uploading pics.

The last couple of weekends, the weather was surprisingly good.
Two weeks ago, there was the "Veggie Street Day" in Dortmund. I was sorta dissappointed because it was just the same as last year but without a proper stage programme and it was a vegan-only event though it took place at the end of the city's hight street.
No attempt was made to interest any omnis in the event, it was all the antispeciests' big horror show.

I only ate a bit of a boring vegetable paella. That was all solid food I ate in that week, except for soy yoghurt and breadsticks.

Azumi had some cherry streusel cake (wet dream of my childhood! Need to make some myself!)

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