Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Seitan O'Greatness/ Sick day pizza

I'v never been keen on meat analogues, occasionally eat tofu, even more rarely tempeh and hadn't managed to make anything but brainy seitan so far.

Being put off by the brainy variety, I finally decided to give PPK's Seitan O'Greatness a try.
I'm feeling bad because from everybody's comments, I should be in love with the log and all.


But I just found it all right. It was damn easy to make, turned out good, but still...
I used it on pizza, on stir-fries and found it very versatile. Probably it's only me being put off by most things with a meaty texture.
I don't get what all the rambling is about- I'll stick with my beans and pulses!

1 comment:

urban vegan said...

Ha ha. I havent made it yet. I guess I've been inherently skeptical.

It looks like you edid a good job, though.