Friday, 5 October 2007

Chinese in London

I was a bit tired of writing down all the good places in London on loose sheets of paper and searching through them for ages, so I bought Veggie & Organic London.

The chapters are divided into parts of the city, with a small map on the first site each.
Everything was really easy to find. When the book said vegan menu, it was right. When it said cheap, it was. Yay!

Talking about my London trip earlier this week, I have to admit I forgot to take any food pictures, though I've eaten plenty that was snapshot-worth.
However, in between having soya cappucinos in various PrĂȘts while it was very rainy and windy outside, I managed to visit two heavens of mock meat:

# 1 is
Joi Chinese vegan buffet restaurant in Percy Street, off Tottenham Court Road. It's a super-cheap Thai/Chinese fusion buffet place. We paid 6.50 per person in the evening (they have a special lunch offer, I think it was something about 5 quid). I was a bit dissappointed by their "speciality" : "crispy mock duck" which wasn't crispy at all, but they have a huge selection of salads, cold and warm foods and a lot of sauces to try. We also got some mock duck pancakes and ice cream which weren't on the buffet for free. Yay! The fake beef curry was heaven. I have to find a way to make my TVP taste like that!

# 2 is the Peking Palace near Archway.
We went there to celebrate Alex's first day at his new job. They have a huge selection of fake meats and even fish. I had the "special fried rice" with quite scary veggie shrimps and some veggie drumsticks (also a bit creepy, but oh-so-good!).

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