Sunday, 14 October 2007

A day out

On Monday, I made the bulgur and chickpea patties from here and surprise, containing one of my favourite grains (where I live is a huge Turkish community, so people even grow bulgur trees [img][/img] ) as well as my fave source of protein, I loved them.
The pictures is sort of neat... aftwards, I decided to add a bunch of baby spinach leaves and hummus and mash it all up (didn't take a picture of this). Sometimes I get this anarchic.

Yesterday, Eva and I went to Dortmund to finally visit the Westfalenpark. A friend had recommended it to me for a nice day out and I, being my urban nature-sceptical me, was a bit hesistant to go there.

However, after bought loads at the amazing Asian grocery this city has (you can by spices in bulk, they have a lot of different tofus and a billion funny veggies I haven't seen anywhere else), we took the subway to the park- and it was amazing!
We had a tiny (oh well...) picknick in a hut in the rose garden.

That were the remains... we had onigiri, chocolate muffins, marinated Japanese mushrooms, carrots, dates and thai coconut dumplings.
I was so stuffed, I can't imagine how we managed to walk the park for three hours afterwards!

Another exciting thing in the park was the German Cookbook Museum. They didn't have a lot of vegan-friendly recipes but we learned a lot about the role of women from 1600 to 1960 and saw some fancy gadgets from that time.

AND they had a Japanese garden... as everybody might already know, I'm nuts for Asian culture, especially Japanese. They also had a small shrine, but it was closed due to being heavily vandalized [img][/img] .

They also had a sort of human hamster wheel... kinda hard to do with only two legs, but great fun!

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