Sunday, 14 October 2007

A VWAV weekend and coconut cakes

Yesterday in Dortmund I bought a package of Kanom Pia, thai coconut dumplings or also called "Chinese cakes". I've had them before and they are heaven. Still, I haven't found a proper recipe (probably it's the kind of food nobody makes themselves in Thailand)...

Apart from that, Azumi had borrowed my cam on Friday, so I had to take another snapshot with my mobile cam... of gorgeous Seitan Portobello Stroganoff from VWAV!

As there are no portobellos in Germany, I used regular mushrooms and canned peas because I had run out of dried ones. The seitan I used was fairly spicy seitan o'greatness. To be honest, it's not really what I cook usually- I don't like too hearty and European-style dishes, but this was great!

Dinner tonight was back to my regular Asian, at the moment especially Indian food. I did a twist on the Almond rice in VWAV... used ground almonds which gave it a nice texture and no raisins because I had run out of.
With the rice, there was -FINALLY!- braised cauliflower in three-seed sauce which was absolutely yum!

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urban vegan said...

Any VWAV weekend is a good weekend, in my book.