Friday, 16 November 2007

Chick Peace, man

There are many things I love about ethic groceries, and being a language nerd, one of the things I love the most are poorly translated labels or things which are just funny because my brain associates them in weird ways (for example, many words in Japanese and Spanish sound alike but mean completely different things).
One great example are the infamous Japanese "Baka uke" crackers (rice crackers that come in different varieties). "Baka" is Japan's most popular term to call somebody stupid, and uke... oh well, among others, it's the term for the passive person in martial arts training, but also for the "bottom" in gay sex.

There are many funny mistakes on Japanese food ingredients' lists... I'm still trying to figure out whether "glitter medicine" (on candy!) is vegan or not.

However, why am I talking crazy stuff, you demand to know?
Because this morning I went to the Indian grocery in town for the first time (they have wicked opening hours) and found myself trapped in... Bollywood!
It really is more of a Bollywood movie and sari store with a small grocery closet, but still, I was able to find this package of amazing, curry-leaf and paprika-spiced CHICK PEACE (with hot paprika geschmack *lol* )!