Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Favourite cuisines, Part I

I love international food. Even back when I wasn't able to cook more than spaghetti- and I'm not even sure about that!- at age 12- and we had a project week at school, I chose "international cuisine". You can picture that it was a horrible week- we made totally tasteless chili and hamburgers, that's all I remember.

Anyhow, my first cooking experiences which started about two years later (I've always been interested in cooking but my mother always found excuses to keep me from the stove), were with Japanese food because that's when my japanophilie started.

Manga, anime, cute stuff, Japanese music, the language- seven years ago, everybody thought it would be just another teenage fad of mine. But it wasn't.

Today I'm a bit more critical towareds Japan, regarding its history and society, but I still love all of the above mentioned. Another love I found about a year ago was bento.

I'm a bit disappointed that I barely see any other recipes than sushi, stuff made with soba or udon or miso soup on blogs and in vegan cookbooks, because Japanese is such a beautiful cuisine!
Surprisingly, Japanese home-style cooking comprises so much more and is actually not so far away from Western cuisine.

Believe me, you can do without all the icky fishy ingredients and rely on fresh produce to create simple, Japanese, vegan dishes!

So, my veganmofo resolution should be: post more Japanese food!
In the meantime, have a look at this totally underappreciated book.
(now off to make sushi for my bento, so nothing fancy today)

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