Monday, 12 November 2007

The return of bento/ v-con food knocks out people at the opera

...not that I haven't packed any bento over the past weeks, but they consisted mainly of leftovers and sweets.

As stress week has left my tummy in a bit of an upset state and I have barely eaten everything, tomorrow's bento is still very modest, but at least I made an effort.

It has some green bean salad with a mustard dressing and shallots, sliced giant tomato (organic, and probably the best I have eaten all year! I bought a kilo at the Turkish grocery store and they were even cheaper than the conventional ones!), V-con rosemary foccacia and some walnuts.

I so hate it when my stomach rebels about things in my life which are not so nice- I can be a tough bitch and am seldomly knocked out on an emotional, intellectual or physical level, but I can't fool my tummy.

Whenever something isn't good for me, I can barely hold any food. It's so annoying and has already lead some people in my life believe that I've got an eating disorder.
Don't worry, my only eating disorder is that I can pig out on everything and talk about food all day.

I have another funny thing to tell... I love theatre, I'm fine with classic music, I hate opera. But as I get free tickets for almost all cultural gigs in the city I work, I decided to give posh people entertainment another chance. So TK and I went to see Romeo + Juliet as a ballet.

Not before we had eaten a shitload of v-con foccacia and aioli I had made in the morning... I hadn't really given it much thought, but we must've smelled of garlic from miles away, so people were turning their noses at us and the lady next to TK begged her husband to swap seats. Ha!
Vegan garlic breath takes over the world, muhahahhaha!

And you know what? I liked every bit(e) of it!
(posh people are shit and don't know about art. most of them neither like garlic nor Shakespeare. f*ck rich bastards!)

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