Friday, 30 November 2007

Groceries #2

I can't believe November will be over in two hours and this actually is my last VeganMoFo post.

What I learned from a month of blogging everyday is that routines are not neccessarily a bad thing, though I usually avoid them where I can.

After all, I read a lot more on other blogs and discovered many new one, as well.

Today was not much cooking though I had the day of, but I went shopping and got:

-onion baguette
-cocoa powder
- soy cream
- radished
- bell peppers
- red wine
-olive oil
- agave nectar
- white beans
-rice-oat cereal with berries

Seems very little but I still have plenty of leftover veg from last week.


urban vegan said...

I'm so intrigued by people's grocery lists.

Candi said...

I'm with UV... I love spying on other people's kitchens and grocery lists! ;) Looks like you got some great stuff!