Saturday, 24 November 2007


I love to see and listen what other people are buying and have seen a lot of blog entries of that sort, but strangely, it never occured to do it myself. What I love about the place where I live is that there a lots of ethic grocery stores, two organic shops (I hate the word "health food store"... they don't only have healthy stuff, and you find healthy foods in a supermarket!) and nice farmer's markets so I don't have to rely on supermarkets. I'm also in love with dm, a drugstore that has a huge health food/organic section at the best quality but with the lowest prices. I try to shop only once a week after having planned out what recipes I plan to make, but usually I have to go back for something more in the middle of the week. I try to buy organic as much as possible- local is hard because I barely have the time to go to the farmer's markets- I do love to go there if I can, though. I'm proud to say is that 95% of all produce I buy is organic- I don't use much processed stuff, but buy them a lot in ethic groceries because it's not only cheaper, but also better than health food store alternatives. Anyay, don't get me started on non-organic chocolate, cocoa, coffee and the likes. However, that's what my 20 € got me today:

500ml coconut milk
1 bottle Japanese plum wine
a small bag anatto powder
6 bok choy
mung bean sprouts
3 packages ramen noodles


cherry tomatoes
2 lemons
2 limes

dried kidney beans
greek-style rice-shaped noodles (what are they called again?)
stuffed wine leaves

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Ravenfire said...

Wow, beautiful layout! I haven't tried our local asian grocers yet either. I think I need to go now!

I've never heard of the vegan month of food, that's pretty cool.