Sunday, 4 November 2007

Monday Monday Monday...

Yep, very creative title. I've got the Tegan and Sara song stuck in my head, that's why.
I decided to join veganmofo as well, though I'm a cheat because I didn't post on the 1st and 2nd.
Though I had a lot to post because we made a lot of cupcakes for a friend's little girl's 7th birthday.
I'm that cool, I get invited to kid's post-halloween-parties :-)
However, provided that anybody hasn't heard of veganmofo, here is some more info.

I think this is a good month for trying to post every day because I've bought far too many cookbooks during the past month and didn't get round to make many of the things.
November will be a busy month work-wise, so my free time will take place in my apartment mainly- reading, writing and cooking!

Today was baking Sunday again... I made an apple cake based loosely on the plum cake recipe I posted some weeks ago, but substituted two apples.
It turned out all apple-y and surprisingly moist and vanilla-tasting. I couldn't bring myself to photograph a piece without having a bite.

And because I decided to continue soup month and bought some lovely cannelini beans from the Italian grocery store yesterday, I made some pasta e fagioli.

I also made the pumpkin muffins (+cranberries) from VWAV and red lentil dahl (pics to follow).

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rani said...

mm that soup looks like good comfort food.