Thursday, 8 November 2007

My first experience with tofu...

... was at a Chinese buffet in Cologne.
I spent almost every weekend there a couple of years ago because my girlfriend at that time and I both lived in the middle of nowhere and she loved Cologne.

One day we had spent all afternoon in the women's bookstore and were starving when all of a sudden, an ad appeared at one of the electric boards in the underground.
We hopped onto the next train and had a feast for measly 5.90 € .
The tofu... was tofu. I don't remember what went with it, but I liked it in an instant (probably all the gluatmata, ha!).

Makes me think I haven't been there for ages, though the place is really veggie- and vegan friendly.

My experience of learning to prepare tofu in a way that I like is a completely different story...

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