Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Right now in a fridge near you

Someone brought up the idea of only eating things you have in your place for the next weeks of the Vegan Food of the Month.
As I'm a food-shopping-o-holic, something like that only happens before I go on holiday or do a fasting week, so not that often. I sort of panic at the idea of having no food in the house. But then (yes, reading those philosophy books again...) I contemplated about my definition of "no food in the house" and decided to list every single edible thing that's in my apartment right now. I categorized it, so this is my "no food" (please don't ask what my definition of well-stocked is!). I still have to sleep a night on what to make of this (literally and figuratively speaking).

Baking: Flour, whole wheat Gluten-free flour Italian tipo 00 flour Soy flour Chickpea flour Coconut shreds, dried Confectionary sugar Corn meal Sugar, brown Vanilla extract Yeast Lemon extract Molasses Rice flour Rum extract Baking powder Almonds, ground

Condiments: Tamarind paste Nutritional yeast Green curry paste Pesto (homemade) Peanut butter Orange jam Gomasio Fig-chocolate spread Mustard Mushroom sauce Harissa Tamari Tahin Worcestershire sauce Tomato paste Tomato mustard, South-African Shiso, dried Sambal oelek Plum sauce Sweet chili sauce Strawberry pepper marmalade Soy sauce Cheezy sauce mix

fruit: Mango Cranberries, fresh Apples Melon, honeydew Persimmon Lemons

Basmati rice Thai rice Polenta Quinoa Popcorn corn Oats Pearl barley Arborio rice Bulgur wheat

fresh herbs:
Chervil Mint Basil Lavendula Rosemary

Japanese stuff:

Nori, small strips
Curry, japanese bar
Nanami togarashi
Gluten dumplings

nuts: Walnuts Almonds, whole

oil: Olive oil Soy oil Peanut oil Roasted sesame oil Ghee, vegan Lemon oil Sunflower oil

Lasagna sheets Ditalini pasta Wok instant noodles Rice noodles, thing Udon, dried Soba Cavatappi pasta Udon, fresh

beans and pulses: Black beans Urid dahl Egyptian beans Chickpeas White beans Runner beans Green lentils

soy products: TVP, flakes and chunks, Soy milk, sosmix

5-spice-powder Black pepper Chili flakes White pepper Cardamom pods Coriander, whole Curcuma Ginger, fresh Garam marsala Nutmeg Mustard seeds Fennel seeds Dried rosemary Dried chillies Cumin Curry leaves Curry powder Fenugreek seeds Cinnamon Paprika

Sweet potatoe Bell peppers, mixed Romaine lettuce Buttnernut squash Tomatoes Carrots Cucumber

Rice vinegar Cherry vinegar Balsami vinegar Apple cider vinegar

Raisins Whole wheat bread Rice paper wrappers Poppadums Capers Potatoes Polpa di pomodoro Rice crackers, coconut and nori Vegetable broth Vital wheat gluten Garlic Fennel seeds, candied Coconut milk, canned Tomato ketchup Shallots Sea salt Crackers, sesame Mushrooms, mu-err, dried Sambar, reado-to-eat Onions Scallions Sauerkraut Green olives Taco shells Peas and corn, canned Thai red chillies Mini pitas Asian coleslaw Jelly chrystals, rasperry and strawberry Baby corn, canned

Am I the only person in the world who has that much stuff in their tiny kitchen? It doesn't even look crammed! What's on your list?

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Veggie said...

I'm a huge food-shop-o-holic too!

But I couldn't live off just the contents of my cupboards for a month. I would need fresh produce as well.