Monday, 24 December 2007


Ok, this is probably as Xmessy as I get. A good thing about the holiday season is that I've only got to work two days this week and am able to do some cooking and catch up with blogs, reading etc.

I would've loved to make a variety of Christmas cooking and veganize a lot of my Grandma's recipes, but last week was one of the weeks when everything breaks- at first, my washing machine is having trouble drawing water (not yet sorted out).
Then, my shower brush and tube came apart, so I spent Saturday morning in the DIY store. Anyway, I took it as a sign for getting a lot of new shower stuff from Lush ^^
( I want to eat that almond butter cream!)

But the most horrible thing is that my oven died... four days before Xmas and I had no baked goods in the house at all!
Now, I only have a kitchenette (though the kitchen could accomodate a proper one, there's no power current in the house) and bought a toaster oven when I moved it. It did a good job for pizzas, muffins, cookies and casseroles.
Until Wednesday.

Luckily, Evilzon told me there are actually small countertop ovens that are more than pizza ovens and not even more expensive. So this years happy-Xmas-to-me present is my new convention oven ^ ^
The package even said it's "perfect for baking bread"... we'll see.

So far, it's mainly given me sore arm muscles from carrying the huge parcel from the post office (neverending Christmas queue!).

Yesterday, I decided to try making cookies in it, and they turned out well.
I hadn't made anything from VWAV since V-con had come out, so I made the sparkled ginger cookies and lemony butter cutout cookies (or was it buttery lemon cookies? I used vegetable oil, anyway).

And, as you can see in the picture, I refused using Christmas cookie cutters. I had to go for the bunny!

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Kyle said...

What a beautiful convection oven!! I've never seen one so big before! It must make some good stuff. I hope it doesn't take up too much counter-space. Your bunny cookies look super-good. have made it through another lame Xmas season.