Thursday, 31 January 2008

Raspberry-chocolate chip blondies

Today was the first day of the climax of the German carnival season. As I work in the second biggest city who is into that, I got the afternoon off today and will have Monday off, as well.
As I'm not celebrating at all, I have a lot of cooking projects in mind, so stay tuned!

As everybody is eating lots of sweets at the moment- because the fasting period starts Wednesday- I finally made the raspberry blondies from VWAV to bring to work tomorrow.

They are awesome, yet turned out a bit to sweet for me. I'll experiment with the amount of sugar next time.
Hope the coworkers will like them!


Liz² said...

german carnival season? cool! those raspberry chocolate blondies are probably the *perfect* thing to eat before a fast, too.

T R E C E said...

These are great! Mine never turn out this nice. Third time could be the charm?