Sunday, 6 January 2008

Savoury pancakes

My first meal of the year were the stuffed pancakes from the "Peter lebt Vegan"-Project .
For those who don't speak German, it's a blog from your next-door student who decided to go vegan for a month. Not only that he went (and stayed, woot!) vegan, but he uploaded an entertaining, informative and professional short podcast on a daily base.

Pancakes were one of my troubles when first going vegan. I managed to make American-style, thick and small pancakes, but the more omelet-like version as can be found in Germany and the Netherlands would stick to the pan and become pancake scramble (aka Kaiserschmarrn ;-P ).
The trick? Don't overmix the batter.

The pancakes are really divine, though I had never imgined sprouts and mushroom pâté to go together so well.


VeggieGirl said...

wow, I've definitely never had savory pancakes before - looks intriguing!

urban vegan said...