Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Au lac

I'm not a big fan of fake meats- or protein-food in general, but have this urge to try any vegan product available on the market.

Now that I've grown fond of the fake meat dishes many London restaurants have to offer, it seems one of the Asian grocery stores in Krefeld started carrying products from Au Lac- a company of whose products I recognized many as the ones I ate in London.

It's a Vietnamese company that seems to export foods all over the world.
I've at least tried some of their chicken, beef and shrimp alternatives. Some seem to be great, other gross ("vegetarian intestines of chicken"... excatly what we were waiting for, huh?)
Does anybody else use their products and if, what can you recommend?
I'd love to here the recipes.

I tried cooking with the mushroom/seaweed dumplings last week and it wasn't a big sucess. The texture was very gum-like and they wouldn't heat through. At least the dish made a pretty picture.

Yesterday I tried the shrimps which I had marinated in olive oil with garlic and chilli and they were amazing (sorry, no pics yet!).

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urban vegan said...

"...vegetarian intestines of chicken"

What's next? Vegetarian buffalo balls?

Happy New year