Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Everybody needs to know...

it's the year of the rat *sings along to Badly Drawn Boy's song* *dances and wiggles arm*

My tiny Chinese NY celebration, well sort of, consisted of making the Mapo Tofu recipe from TheVeganRonin , but less saucy and more crumbly. So I guess it wasn't mapo tofu after all, but anyway- absolutely yum!

Had it with some white rice and carrot-beansprout salad and can't wait to make it again.


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

You have a different Mapo Tofu that we have here in Asia :) I think it would taste lovely. Next round, i going to try out Mapo Tofu with deep-fried firm Tofu (is that what you have done to the tofu?).

I think it would also be nice to do a crumbly silken tofu like what you have in the picture.

Thanks, i running out of recipes, your pictures gives me ideas.

Cheers :)

Emilie said...

gong xi fa choy! your chinese new year dinner looks great!

amy said...

hey, sieht super lecker aus :-) werd ich auch mal ausprobieren.

(für die thailändischen rezepte, bzw. die mit kokosmilch schreib mir bitte ne mail an ameise_enns(at)yahoo(punkt)de
achja, wenn du diesen kommentar gelesen hast, lösche ihn bitte, ich will nicht, dass mir irgendwelche leute spam mails schicken ;-)
liebe grüße von amy