Sunday, 3 February 2008

Italian Sausages

At least compared to the amount of fake meats I usually eat.
Today was a sort of boring day... I did a lot of laundry, cleaned the bathroom and caught up with emails.

To make me feel like I've achieved something today, I had to post ^^

I actually got round to making the Italian sausages from Everyday Dish , though I adjusted the seasoning to my taste (and because I don't have anything called chicken seasoning)- more chilli, different herbs and a bit less garlic so it won't kill the coworkers and halved the recipe.

Awesome stuff!

freshly steamed by the rice cooker:

all naked

sliced with spaghetti aglio (ok, burnt aglio because I didn't watch) olio and tomato salad (hidden under the pasta)


Süßstoff said...

They look really good. Perfect shape! Thanks for the link. I'll try those soon!

bazu said...

ooooh, I've been thinking about making those sausages. I love the idea of having them with pasta!