Sunday, 6 July 2008

My Asian Vegan Kitchen

I haven't made enough recipes from The Asian Vegan Kitchen to do a proper review like I did for Vegan Fire and Spice, but I can already say I love the book a lot, especially because it doesn't focus on the "common" Asian countries for cooking (aka Indian, Japanese, Chinese and maybe Thai), but also has breathtaking Malaysian, Vietnamese and -joy!- Burmese recipes.

I don't know anything about Burmese food, but I know the Cauliflower Curry with pasta is worth the entire price of the book.

It's not as spicy as your average Indian curry and not tangy like Thai curry. It's totally different but familiar at the same time. It's creamy and above all, it photographs well, which is quite unique for curry.

Go make it if you've got the book!

Recent bento:

Pasta with pesto, garlicky white asparagus and cherries... the last proper asparagus of the sesason that I could lay my hands on :/

Simple overslept bento: brown rice with scallions, and sesame seeds, plum sauce in the green container, half a fig, three cherries and two mini chocolate chili muffins.


Alice (in Veganland) said...

Yes, it photographs well indeed :-). I'll add it to the list of cookbooks I would like to own one day. And nice bentos, of course!

VeggieGirl said...

Sounds like a great cookbook!!

Love the bento meals, as always :0)

Anonymous said...

Love this cookbook too - haven't made anything from it yet but I am waiting for Mom (my vegetarian compatriot) to get off her "I don't like Asian food" thing.

Thank goodness for bento. I have boxes of bento. I am a complete kawaii fool.

Erin said...

I have officially added that book to my wishlist, I need to delve further into the world of curries.

Mariana said...

Sounds like you like this cookbook...I am thinking about buying it but I have a couple of questions...actually, I think I will PM you about it on VF.

mi said...

hi! are you originally from the uk? i live in london at the moment... love your blog, will be reading!

mi said...

hi! are you originally from the uk? i live in london at the moment... love your blog, will be reading!

dreamy said...

Looks great! I borrowed the cookbook once from the library, but I don't cook, so I can only drool over the recipes.. but yea Malaysian dishes are good, they beat Singapore's food anytime.

Mihl said...

I knew you would like the book :)

talisma said...

Really nice blog :)

Urban Vegan said...

Have to check out that book! There are so many great vegan cookbooks.

We actually have a Burmese restaurant here a few blocks from my house.

Sophie said...

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