Tuesday, 1 July 2008

It's finally summer... time for penguins

which means even the vegan eating machine that is me doesn't feel much like cooking. Actually, I've tried quite a lot of new recipes over the past days, but nothing really fancy and photogenic.

Instead, I'm sharing my one and only, my everything... after bidding for several months on ebay and never winning, I got a Pingu bento <3
(ok... I won 2 at a time, so be prepared for the one-tiered version).

This bento had green grapes, gyoza and pancake roll-ups (with chocoreale and strawberry jam).

I was a Pingu addict as a child and am currently going through a retro phase because someone at work told me I make noises like the Pingu characters while I'm working.

And for those who never met Pingu and his adorable sister Pinga, grab some popcorn and watch Pingu making some :) (what? it's food related, right?)


VeggieGirl said...

Love the bento meal; and aww, Pengu is cute!! :0D

Erin said...

Pingu is cute! Never heard of him before. And I like your pancake rollup idea, kinda like a crepe but less intimidating.

Alice (in Veganland) said...

I love your bento! I keep wanting to order one for me, but then I'm too lazy and end up using tupperware...

Urban Vegan said...

I'm too old. I didn't know what Pengu was...but it's cute.

And your food looks photogenic to me.

Your comment on my blog ("I'd turn straight for a husband who brings me basil :P") made me belly-laugh out loud!


Pamela & Sarah said...

oh man, I freaking love Pingu!
I love the evil laugh he does when Pinga gets the idea to use the wood burner for popcorn. He reminds me of...er... me! haha
And your bento looks great too!
Btw, If you want any other kind of bento boxes, send an email to me from our blog. I do live in Japan after all - they are not hard to come by here!
-- Sarah

Tuimeltje said...

Pingu! Never gets old.

I didn't know there was a Pingu bento. Then again, there's a lot I don't know about bento. All I really know at the moment is that I would probably kind of like one and that they're not actually that easy to find in shops around here.

And pancakes. I should really make those again, too.

Liz² said...

cute bento, and I used to watch pingu all the time, too! he was such a brat, I loved it. X)

Mariana said...

I see you finally got pingu! (I remember you saying on the bento thread on veganforum that you were trying to get a pingu bento). Very kawaii. :)

dreamy said...

Thanks for the video, I love pingu and pinga, they are so cute!! It made me smile :)

Aimee said...

your bento always looks so very good! do you find that it is enough food? the bento boxes usually seem so teeny!

alleen said...

your cooking is amazing.. and it's vegan (:

i remember watching that tv show as a child. it's so long ago.