Tuesday, 16 September 2008

My Vegan Asian Takeaway

- well, almost, if I lived in Düsseldorf. But good news is that Jade's also delivers within the city so I could order in from work :)

As couple of weeks ago I read that a Chinese diner in Bilk had changed to all vegetarian (mostly vegan) options after being a regular omni place for ten years or so.

Two weeks ago, I finally went there and was thrilled- though it's got the size and atmosphere of a small greasy takeout place (there are five or six seats available, ok but far away from comfortable or fancy), they've got all the fake meat/fish options, authentic Thai cuisine and some creative own fusion food dished at reasonable prices.

Not to forget a slightly wonky but charming chef and a piggy on top of the fridge:

For starters, I had the second-best Tom Yum soup in my life, and I've had a lot of it. I nearly choked on this one when Chrissy asked me who this "Tom Yum guy" is and told me it sounds like it's the name of an Asian foodie ^^

Then I ordered a Thai curry with seitan and fake bacon... I know, boring choices but both are my favourite Thai dishes and it's easy to judge a restaurant's quality by these items. The fake bacon was a bit too realistic to me, the seitan good and the veggies awesome.

Chrissy had some mock duck and veggie stir fry dish with an ovo-vegetarian fish patty that I can't review (the only downside of the place- fake fish is made with egg, anything else is or can be ordered to be made vegan).

I also had a Bionade, paid 10 € and left the place stuffed and happy, planning to return very soon (hopefully this Friday!).

Sorry for the crappy pictures, we went directly after work so I didn't take my camera.

For anybody who's in the area and would like to check out the place, this is their website with the complete menu.


Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Sounds good to me! We all need greasy Chinese food from time to time!

Lotta said...

Ich bin wieder aus der Versenkung erschienen...:-) Erinnerst du dich noch? Ich hab letzten Herbst mal angefangen zu bloggen aber dann auch schnell wieder aufgehört... wollte jetzt auch mal wieder anfangen...
oh jade imbiss! ich liiiebe jade! ist auch quasi bei mir ums eck. sehr praktisch!:-)
Und auf dem vegi streetday war ich auch! Vielleicht haben wir uns sogar gesehen... ich hab einen von diesen burgern probiert - manno mann, war mir schlecht danach... keine ahnung warum...:-)
was sind denn das für potlucks in d´dorf? wäre ich auch mal hochgradig interessiert dran! dafür dass ich jetzt schon recht lang veganer bin, kenn ich echt kaum andere vegis... warst du schonmal beim veaner stammtisch im sattgrün? wollt ich eigentlich auch immer mal hin.
liebe grüße, lotta aka christina