Saturday, 20 September 2008

News from Berlin and France

Apparently, the AR and vegan community in Continental Europe is gradually catching up with the UK and the US :)

This week, Attila Hildmann announced he's going to give vegan cooking classes in Berlin soon. Even if you're not in Germany, checking out his recipes (most are available in English) won't hurt. He first got me into vegan cooking in the good old days.

Furthermore, there's a new (one of the first?) French book called Cuisine vegan facile out there for only 3 € + postage, available from Droites des Animaux, though I'll yet have to check out if they ship abroad.

Not much cooking for me this week :( I hope things will return back to normal after Monday.


VeggieGirl said...

Interesting book!!

Hope you can cook again soon!

Virginie Péan said...

Thanks for informing about Attila. I didn't know this cooker.
Yes, Cuisine Vegan Facile is the first french cookbook to mention it is vegan. About 10 years ago, one book mentioned the word "végétalien", but it isn't available anymore, and was "végétalien" only for health reasons (hygienic). There are also other books (including mine) mentioning "vegetarian" while the recipes are vegan : Publishing House think they won't sell the book if you mention "vegan", and so accept only if "végétarien". For the moment I guess - till veganism isn't enough spread off in France ! Droits des animaux, as it is a small publishing house and deeply involved for animal rights and veganism, didn't care about money and so, dared the word Vegan. Thanks to them, one more step for veganism in France.