Saturday, 6 December 2008

I'm curry!

and I love online quizzes when I'm bored!

Your result for What Spice Are You Test...

You are Curry!

10% Habanero, 10% Sage, 10% Thyme, 20% Ginger, 0% Garlic, 40% Curry, 0% Cinnamon and 10% Oregano!

You are spicy and controversial!

People that love you really love you, and people that hate you... well. But it's all good. You don't mind, really.

You don't live your life according to what other people think about you. You know that you have the right to your own opinion and your own way of doing things. You know that you deserve respect for who you are and the accomplishments that you have made in life.

You tend to let people take you in smaller doses as you feel that too much may be a bit more than they can actually handle. But that's fine too, because you have a lot going on in your life and you like having the time to do it. You aren't one to let things go unfinished. Besides, you are very versatile, distinct, and unique in your own right.

You are more than likely very attractive, but you don't take much stock in those types of things. For you a good mind and a strong disposition are very important, much more important than trying to impress other people.

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VeggieGirl said...

HA!! So fun :-)

Mihl said...

Curry suits you! I found out that I'm ginger.

Alice (in Veganland) said...

Baking with quinoa? you have to tell me more about that! I try hard, really... It's not that I hate it, but still...
Those cookies are great, by the way, try them some time.

Jeni Treehugger said...

Woah - I am sage and even though I know this is just a bit of fun - it is scarily accurate!!

Sage is a very classic herb. You tend to use intelligence in making decisions instead of brute force.

You are the type of person that people want to get to know and be friends with. You don't feel as if you have to impress people because you tend to be very self assured.

At a party you would be happy to just sit in the corner and watch people, or perhaps find someone to have an intelligent conversation with.

You prefer to think before you act, as you are rather analytical. You can be both dazzling and graceful. People tend to notice you without you trying to make it happen.

You may not be religious, but you are very spiritual. You desire relationships that last rather then passing ones.