Sunday, 14 December 2008

Purple risotto and mock duck from hell!

It sounds vile, and it was. Anne and I had another geeky computer night planned- with a trip to the local Christmas market with co-workers and then some cooking before.

I found this awesome-looking recipe for purple risotto with red cabbage and oranges at ( I have to admit, it was the orange monster in the picture that intrigued me) and thought the mock duck fillets I had ordered from veganwonderland would match it perfectly.

Hell, somebody told me to buy them because they were supposed to be awesome. Looking at the package, I was slightly scared because although they were made of seitan, they looked too "real" to me.

Anyway, it had a horrible smell - and taste- like some chemical that shouldn't be in there according to the ingredients list. It turned nice and crispy on the outside, but stayed rubbery and yucky on the inside. Anne only tried a bit, but I was brave and at the whole thing, mainly because I had the price in the back of my mind. Half of the package is left, and I tossed it deep down into our freezer at work...

The risotto has some potential, though, I think I'll toy with the recipe at bit during my Xmas holidays (did I mention? 2 weeks off, including Xmas in Munich and New Year's Eve in London! Please don't tell my ecological footprint *_* ).

But there were tasty things too, this week:

Quick veggie paella that I came up with last Sunday, without a recipe. I've never really made paella before, but I liked how this turned out.

The biggest surprise was when my omni-co-workettes made cookies the weekend before, they whipped up a batch of vegan ones for me! Actually, three different sorts of cookies. Isn't that awesome? Boss liked them, too!


Vegetation said...

Awww sorry your mock duck was terrible :( The risotto sounds good though! And yay for co-workers who make vegan cookies!

Margot said...

Yay for nice co-workers and vegan cookies!

The mock duck looks almost as yucky as the real thing.

Mihl said...

You coworkers made vegan cookies for you? Leihst Du diese Mitarbeiter aus?
Sorry about the risotto and the mock duck. That must have sucked :(

Sal said...

sorry about the mock duck - I've had the tinned stuff and it's pretty grim unless you bake it and drown it in hoisin sauce!

The cookies look great though - good on your co-workers. Mine just leave me out.

Beatrice said...

I keep reading about mock duck. It's been hard for me to understanding why it would be good, and your post confirms my doubts.

Love red cabbage, though - the risotto sounds yummy.

Kelly said...

Sorry to hear the mock duck was terrible. I agree with the other posters though that the risotto looks beautiful and delicious.

That's also lovely that your coworkers made cookies you could enjoy. :-)

Erin said...

The duck looks gross, but the risotto could have potential. It's pretty at least.

Hooray for vegan cookies at work!

iLL.One said...

how do you all dare to talk down to awesome mock ducky ;__;

hey pavot, du darfst gern auch mal wieder im forum vorbeischaun! :) <3