Friday, 3 April 2009

Insane Fish Cravings

No food pictures again, but I have a question to ask my fellow veggies... the thing is:

For the past two weeks now, I have been craving fish. Constantly.
Hell, I have even been dreaming of fish! I walked past the Rhine yesterday and seriously considered fishing and preparing the bounty myself. I spent half an hour at the supermarket, checking out all the fish products.
I'm downright obsessed and don't understand what's going on.

When I went vegan three years ago (after years of never eating meat and egg and rarely dairy and fish), I thought I was going to crave the occasional yoghurt or morsel of fish.
Luckily, I never did. A couple of times I thought that I'd like to taste something fishy, seaweed or fake fish did the job.

I'm deeply convinced of the animal rights idea and would never for even a second consider eating or using and animal product.

I supplement B vitamins, iodine, calcium and some other things that are in fish and make sure I get enough protein.
I haven't looked into the Omega 3 issue deeply yet (going to do some research now).
What else could my body be lacking so it commands me to eat a creature of the sea?

Has anybody experience anything like this or can help me otherwise?


Mihl said...

I have no idea, what this could be. I've always hated fish so this is surely not going to happen to me. Maybe eat some sea vegetables? Yeah, I know I'm not a huge help, I hope you find the source of the cravings soon.

Netty said...

Try to sprinkle some Sushi Nori Leafs in your stews or soups once or twice a month. You probably need the nutrients.

Vegetation said...

I'm no help, but you're not alone! Every now and then I will totally crave something (usually bacon, but on occasion it's been prawns/shrimp, which is weird, because I didn't like them much before I went veg).

I hope you stop craving it soon! It's very frustrating.

Hase said...

Oops, Steffi - what's going on? Unfortunately I can't help either... it could be a message from your body though, trying to tell you that it needs something. These cravings happen for a reason, I'm sure. Maybe it's the whole Omega-3 and Omega-6 thing, I don't know - ?
Hope you'll find a solution!

AndreasFrische said...


Bex said...

I have little help to offer except have some seaweed (try a couple different kinds) and maybe up your omega 3 intake. Flax seed and flax oil are a good easy source, you only need about 1Tb/day to really bump your levels.

russ said...

I would guess its all the bento, and japanese-inspired food! The "real sushi" has finally reeled you in :) For some reason, ever since I had a cup of tea in a persian tearoom, i've been craving morrocon food. Time to go buy some cous cous!
Extra seaweed should do the job I reckon - theres a whole bunch of different types, that I bet you're already familiar with.

Liz² said...

yogurt and fish! my two serious cravings, if I ever get them. hopefully this will pass, and if not I highly agree with catching it yourself, and possibly asking it if it's okay to eat it, or doing a little ritual out of respect. There have been at least two times I almost ran out of the house for a tin of sardines! :)