Saturday, 23 May 2009

You're a terrorist, too!

Ok I've decided to take the food-focus off this blog. I don't feel like running two blogs at a time, but
feel I need to blog about other things I'm into, too, while not being able to hold up a frequently updated food blog, especially since I won't have a kitchen anymore soon.

The name might change, but for the time being I'm keeping the old one.

One reason that added to my general Anti-Germany-ness is that we're having a Nanny state in a few more horrible ways than US citizens... thank you, Mr. Schäuble!

(and yes, when I applied for my passport two weeks ago, I actually had to give my fingerprints!)


russ said...

This is probably a bigger subject than a blog response, but I'm not even sure whether I disagree with that kind of thing... Sure its taking away civil liberties/privacy, but at least you can fall asleep in the train station, and know you'll wake up with your wallet. Do that here, and you'll be lucky to wake up with your shoes still on.
There'll be plenty of biometrics in use soon in the UK too, you can count on it!

pavotrouge said...

it's not the biometrics I'm against, it's the fact that every kind of communication is being monitored. the idea of the whole thing is not to decrease petty crimes, it's only being checked when you are suspected of plotting an act of terrorism, whatever that is.

Carlota. said...

Hey! We don't have ready vegan foods in supermarkets..we don't have even soy yogurt. And they have no idea what Tempeh is..
And if you wanna buy a ready soyburger in a supermarket, the only brands that sells those are the same ones that sells the meatburgers.
I'm going to London in december. I'll stay there and in Germany. I'm so exciting with the idea of going to a supermarket and buy soy cheese, soy berry yogurt and stuffs like that.
I wanna ask you about germany, cause I know that london has a lot of it normal to find vegan products in supermarkets in germany?


have a nice week!