Sunday, 4 October 2009

Praise the Non-Seitan

Usually I'm not a lover of fake meats, I try a new product for the novelty of it, and if it's good, maybe have it every 2-3 months. But a few weeks ago, in Wing Yip, I found my addiction:

TKC is a Malaysian company that makes fake meat/fish that tastes pretty authentic and is very easy to cook with, but doesn't freak you out because even if the texture is good, it's clear it's not real meat. Plus, they don't include a billion additives, most is soy-based.

I'm addicted to the "chicken breast" and the "Satay", and last week I bought their fake cod, which is flavoured with seaweed and the "skin" is a sheet of nori- pure heaven and finally something to take care of my fish cravings.

Couldn't take any pictures of the cod because it was scoffed instantly, but here's the prawns (not authentic-looking at all, the other varieties you can buy with their intense red/pink colouring are quite creepy, no?) with soba and some stir-fried mizuna:

And today's breakfast (miso soup not photographed), pretty easy to tell what's what. The chicken is seriously addictive!!!

I haven't seen the products anywhere else, but if you're in the UK, Wing Yip has their megastores in London (Croydon and Cricklewood), Birmingham and Manchester.


Erin said...

This all looks so good! I haven't found any fake seafood that I like yet.

Nicole Vatanavimlakul said...

Thank you. I am planning a trip to Wing Yip later!