Thursday, 28 February 2008

Exams suck...

I haven't been cooking much lately. In fact, I didn't even make bento a lot for the last two weeks or so.
Only one more week to go until crazy exam time is over!

What I made, however:

Low fat chocolate chip cookies based on the VWAV recipe... and I have to tell you, I actually gave my baby away today. A coworker was looking for "different" cake recipes, so I lent the book two her.
I've never been seperated from my VWAV for longer than three days ever since I got the book two years ago.
Will I survive and will it miss me?

Bento with a mixed salad (baby spinach, tomatoes and mixed seeds) and seitan gyoza that turned out mighty pretty for a change.

Also, the most basic potato bake ever- I sliced some taters, added onion dice, drowned it in a mixture of soy cream, vegetable broth and spices and added chredded Keehse.
Calories, anyone?


Ladybastard said...

hey lovely girl!!! how are you???
I'm gonna write a letter to you ;)
But I'm so damn busy because of the work -_-' work sucks!!

Well for your diary, you could make one by yourself ;)

Mihl said...

I'll take a cookie please! It sucks when there's not enough time to cook, hope things get better soon! Good luck with your exams and I hope your baby is home safe soon.

Ich habe ein "Riesenpaket" bei veganwoderland bestellt mit Gluten, Keehse, weißer Schokolade und zwei von diesen Riesenwurstrollen. Ich bin gespannt wie alles schmeckt. Danke nochmal für den Tip, es war das erste Mal dass ich online Lebensmittel bestellt habe.

Liz said...

oh, my god. That potato dish looks like something my mom used to make. Now i need it!