Saturday, 1 March 2008

50 things I have eaten

This is my contribution to the 50 things you have eaten swap. I listed the 50 most unusual, grossest and yummiest things that came to my mind.
Beware, non-vegan food ahead!

  1. homecooked Thai curry by a real weird Thai woman
  2. tempeh
  3. tofu
  4. seitan
  5. Horse sausage- yes, as a kid, my mother tricked me into eating it. It's speciality in many parts of Germany.
  6. baked seitan
  7. durian
  8. strange pink Lebanese pickles
  9. congee- Chinese rice soup
  10. sushi from a Japanese grocery, eaten in a McDonald's
  11. Bärlauch
  12. many many Indian dahls
  13. gluten-free muffins
  14. "Traditional" goulash from the Saarland (I thought it was traditional in Hungary?)
  15. Streusel buns (yes, bread rolls with crumbles... another specialty, of the Aachen area)
  16. Spotted dick. I'm not kidding, it's an English dessert.
  17. Himalaya salt
  18. "Hill" tomatoes (ask my Italian grocer what's so special about that...)
  19. Turkish lentil cake
  20. guinea pig crackers, when I was a kid (tastes like cereal)
  21. Laddu- chickpea confect
  22. Halva
  23. Quorn sausages. Mighty good. But alas, not vegan.
  24. Takoyaki- Japanese octupus balls (as in whole octopus, not male octopus)
  25. real mango from India
  26. Königsberger Klopse - the nightmare of my childhood, after horse meat. It's meatballs in a sour cream (not regular sour cream, but normal cream made sour) sauce with capers. Yuk.
  27. vegan quiche lorraine
  28. homemade kimchee
  29. oysters
  30. quinoa
  31. amaranth
  32. black rice
  33. red rice
  34. furikake-everything
  35. vegetarian shrimps
  36. okras
  37. millet
  38. bok choy
  39. lots of other "bok" varieties (Asian leafy greens)
  40. TVP
  41. rice milk chocolate
  42. oatmilk
  43. vegan cheese
  44. curry leaves
  45. starfruit
  46. manioc
  47. Fufu- Ghana's national dish
  48. mochi
  49. kamaboko- Japanese fish cake. Looks cute, taste like crap.
  50. swedish glace with agave nectar


Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Wow those are some really interesting foods!

Akicage said...
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Kyle said...

Oh Steffi, I feel your pain. There are a lot of foods that I have eaten in the past that have been quite strange. When I went to Japan I was staying with a family and told them I don't eat seafood...well, they bought me a breaded ball thing at a carnival and said I should eat it. I asked what it was and before they could translate into English I bit into it and it was a fucking Takoyaki. I was so disgusted. I ran to the nearest garbage can and spit it out. Good memories though. I am still traumatized.

Happy Herbivore! said...

I'm intrigued by the lentil cake... care to elaborate??

I've eaten a lot of... different... foods from when I was an omni too.

I'm adding you to my blog roll :)