Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bento swap

I've been off work this week- officially to study for my finals, but in reality, I don't care much.
So I did a lot of lovely things... going to the farmers' market every other day, visit friends I barely see and travel spontaneously.

Also, I had a bunch of paper stuff translated... cleared out my wardrobe and found that I have too many bento boxes, too!
More than I can possibly take to London with me... so I'll have to give some away. This is mainly for readers in Europe and the UK as shipping overseas is quite expensive.

The bentos below are up for grabs, and I'd love to swap them for some food goodies :)
(if you want to buy one instead, drop me a line, too)
I have tons and tons of accessories (sauce bottles, onigiri molds, food picks and such) that have to go too, so I'd put a bunch of those in as well (if there's anything in particular that you'd like, let me know).

Super cute Cinnamoroll box, comes with one divider, holds about 300ml.

matching side dish container with one built-in divider, holds about 100ml.

sweet Hamtaro side dish container, about 120 ml
Simple black two-tiered box, holds about 550 ml, the upper tier has a waterproof lid.

"Little dolphin" two-tiered box from Japan Centre in Picadilly with awesome Engrish. Holds about 480 ml, the upper tier has a waterproof lid.

Mister Donut's two-tiered Pingu bento box, comes with a Pingu water bottle and big bento bag with zipper, the box holds about 480 ml and has a waterproof lid, too.


Mihl said...

I recently bought my first lunchbox, but it looks totally boring compared to your gorgeous stuff.
I'd totally swap that pingu box for something...what about homemade cookies?

Carlota. said...

I would love the Pingu bento..cause Pingu was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid..but I live in Brazil so..maybe I'll find one of those in Germany or London in December.

urban vegan said...

Oh I wish I needed a bento! But since I work at home, I don't. Very cute.

Mandee said...

Hi Pavotrouge, it's Kitteh of VeganForum :)

What cute bentos!

Margot said...

Aww, the Hamutaro and the Cinnamoroll bentos are insanely cute!

I'd love to have them and sent you an e-mail.

Good luck with the finals.

Anonymous said...

Do you still have some beto love to swap for? I would love to send you some cookies & vegan chocolate from France!

Eve Love said...

what a great idea!
I'ld love to swap the dolphin and the black box for something from canada or usa... write me at please and tell me how much they are worth.

fromjapanwithlove said...

Cute Bento Boxes!!

Anonymous said...


tippitappi said...

do you still have some left? would you like to swap one for one of my vegan tshirts?
let me know!