Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Vernal Nosh

Yup, I learned the word "vernal" today. No idea if it's combinable with nosh though :)

Internet-free days in the office make you learn unusual words... work is funny at the moment because our phone and Internet connection is all messed up so we can't email orders, read our mail or look up at Wikipedia who Rostropovich and Skrjabin are or whether Brecht wrote any funny plays at all.

(talking about All Messed Up, Paul, if you're reading this, let me know you're still alive!)

Well, it's spring and my veggie box delivery makes me do a little happy dance in the office every Wednesday.

I didn't take a picture of last week's box but it had wild garlic and green asparagus, so I made wild garlic risotto with roasted asparagus!
An odd thing is that Germans love their white asparagus. It's nearly impossible to buy green asparagus here except for a few weeks in spring. Sadly, I love green and hate the pale fellow.

Saturday was Anne's birthday, and what do you make the co-workette with the bluest eyes in the world for her birthday?
Clafoutis! It was my first time baking with silken tofu and it worked like a charm, so easy and everybody loved it (except for the not-fruit-eating-no-not-even-in-cake-male)!
And it was pretty too... yes I actually baked something that wasn't butt ugly!



And this weeks' box, containing apples, oranges, bananas, an avocado, swiss chard, onions, parsley, courgettes, and Rübstiel (similar to turnip tops).
I'm excited about the Rübstiel, I've never had it before but apparently it's a traditional green of the Rhine area.


Frollein Holle said...

Meine Greenbag wird mir nächste Woche auch Rübstiel kredenzen - ich bin echt mal gespannt, bis heute morgen hatte ich davon noch nicht mal GEHÖRT ;)

Und jetzt werde ich mal mein Dictionary rausbuddeln und den Rest Deines Eintrags übersetzen.

Frollein Holle said...

vernal nosh = frühlingshafte Mahlzeit?

Mihl said...

No idea what you are talking about but that looks great! And those clafouties are fantastic, too! Any chance you'll give me the recipe?

Mihl said...

Ooops, sorry, hab das Rezept gefunden.

Penny said...

That clafoutis looks delicious! I just read out the recipe to DH and we're going to be making it soon! Thanks!

Aimee said...

Ooh, do you have a recipe for the clafouti? Or did you just wing it?

Sal said...

the klafouti looks lovely - so pretty and your risotto looks delish too.

pavotrouge said...

@ Frollein Holle: probier mal den Google-Übersetzer... hilft nicht wirklich weiter, aber ist sehr lustig die Posts so zu lesen :)

Apart from that, the clafoutis recipe is from Vegan Visitor... just click on the word clafoutis in the post ^^

Coffee and Vanilla said...

What a good looking clafoutis! :)

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to check out chocolate-making kit giveaway on my site :)


Erin said...

Your veggies & fruit look great! I've been getting asparagus and green garlic too, love the spring time.

Rachel said...

woah! that Clafoutis is something hott! screw the not-fruit-eating-no-not-even-in-cake-male. but i think you know that already ;)

and i'm totally with you on the green asparigus thing. i'm just against bland, soggy things that offer no nutrition. ya know?

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