Friday, 10 April 2009

Foodie media!

Can't somebody tell stupid Germany that there is weather and temperatures somewhere between 10°C and 30C° ? I know I should be happy, but everything above 25°C makes me feel lethargic. I miss the British Isles' gulf stream influenced weather!

Yesterday I started watching Lunch Queen so I guess pretty soon I'll be all about Japanese food again. Japanese and their obsession with food produces awesome things.
Can you imagine a Western soap opera focusing on food?

A couple of weeks ago I did a swap with Kendra from vf... look what I received from England:
gummi bears, vegan shells and cheese mix, a nakd bar, raspberry licorice, a tangerine chocolate bar, ramen, noochy rice cakes, mandarin sopa and a tea tree facial mask. Thanks a lot!
I was surprised by how good the shells and cheese actually were, for something that came from a box!

Have I already written about how I love Italian Foodies ? It seems like blogland is full of Irish/Italian couples! Not vegan, but oh so nice!
Kittens gone Lentil is another awesome (vegan) blog discovery!

Lately I've been obsessed with rice soup... o-kayu, congee, jook, you name it. And after our trip to Mönchengladbach for the fake meat grocery store, I have vegan Asian meatballs and prawns!
I could eat this every day... and I do, for breakfast!

And well, more media: If you speak/understand either French or German, Arte has got a "good food" theme week at the moment, I guess 3-4 documentaries every day.
I've been enjoying the documentary with Sarah Wiener and a bunch of kids staying and cooking at a farm in Provence... I wish I was in France where nice weather also means nice surroundings!

Happy Easter! You can watch a lot of the videos online at Arte +7 .
Thanks Arte for bringing my French back to life!


Mihl said...

That rice soup looks really good! (Although the prawns freak me out a tiny bit!). I've also seen quite a bunch of those documentaries on Arte, I liked most of they. They were very informative, especially the oes about how modern food is produced and that one about all the chicken parts being exported to Ghana and ruining the economy there.
Did you see the one about fat? I think it was 10 years behind.,CmC=2535810,CmPage=1697660,scheduleId=2511716.html

Mihl said...

Oh, and Happy Easter :)

pavotrouge said...

thanks mihl :)
I saw the film about fat, thought the same and discussed this with a friend who's a food chemist and he said the chemistry part is right... still, weight gain depends on your calories eaten/calories burnt balance.

Rachel said...

spicy rice soup for breakfast? yes!
isnt that shrimp the best??
and that dude in the shop... "you do realize that all these meat is vegetarian, right?" oh, he was so cute.

i wish that my host fam would watch Arte rather than a run of Mr. and Mrs. Smith on RTL.